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Taraco Associates Inc. began as Burkhardt Brewing Company in Akron Ohio, which then became a division of Burkhardt Consolidated Company.

Burkhardt Consolidated Company had a division of assets between the brothers in 1994. William continued to pursue real estate development as his brother, Tom pursued the brewpub business.

In April of 2000, William, Jr. had hired Shelley Taray to do the company bookkeeping and administrative duties. Shelley assisted William and Dennis Brown in the daily commercial realty operations. In March of 2007 William and Shelley were administering to over 10 commercial properties. By the end of 2007, William had decided he would like to retire. He was looking for someone to purchase his majority shares of Burkhardt Consolidated Company. 

When Shelley offered to purchase William's shares, they both agreed that she would be the best suited to continue running the business as it had in the past. On February 1, 2008 Shelley had become the majority shareholder for Burkhardt Consolidated Company.

Shelley has hired her husband, Tom, to be the director of leasing. She hired David Eisenhauer to manage the maintenance of the properties.

The mission of Taraco Associates Inc. is to maintain and improve the commercial properties currently owned throughout the Summit, Stark, Wayne and Trumbull county areas. We like to be interactive with our current tenants. We feel that the relationships we develop today will continue to build the integrity of Taraco Associates Inc. in the years to come.